We were on our way to Mango Club when we spotted a truck carrying the best-made Malawi chairs we’d ever seen. We stopped the driver who directed us to the Tiyanjane Club! The group was set up in 1979 by Mr Amos Ligawo and now has more than 60 members. 

Although Tiyanjane’s weavers make some of the best furniture in Malawi, most were surviving on less than $1 per day. The reason is that the local market is close to saturation: cane is a long-lasting product, popular in tropical climates because, unlike solid woods, it doesn’t warp or crack in the heat and humidity. 

This presents a big challenge for artisans like Mr Ligawo, who need access to new markets. People of the Sun has helped Tiyanjane Club achieve this, by reviving the classic Malawi chair and by producing new products based on this intricate weaving technique.