Ineke Hans & Mango Club

Ineke Hans is a leading Dutch Designer based between the Netherlands and the UK. Ineke is valued for her down-to-earth and simultaneously hybrid design approach with a focus on detail, function and clarity, an interest in the vernacular and things to come.

When Ineke contacted us for a collaboration we were just ecstatic and a little nervous! But after a Skype call, several emails and marked up images of prototypes, the most clever collection “Storage & Stools” was born.

The collection consists of two types of baskets: 30 cm high and 50 cm high and one lid that suits both. Baskets can be used as washing baskets, but also as tray tables with storage for our increasing living spaces. The triangle stools are stackable and can also be used as side tables. They are supported by a simple wooden construction that fits to the local woodworking methods.